CDTPy | Python for Scientists

Boot Camp

OK, we're not going anywhere until you've got python installed on your computer. There are 101 ways in which to do this but if you're a beginner then installation using Anaconda is probably the simple... (read more)


Difficulty: Beginner

Lock and Load

One of the most frequent uses of matplotlib is the generation of plots from raw data contained in .csv or .txt files. This mission gets you to do exactly that.... (read more)


Difficulty: Beginner

The Next Dimension

Contour plots. I love them. You know that the paper you're about to read is going to be good if it's got a decent contour plot in it. They're often done badly, but there's no danger of that now that y... (read more)


Difficulty: Beginner

Let It Slide

This mission showcases the slider widget functionality that you can use in your IPython notebooks. Such sliders are extremely powerful when trying to visualise the effect that a set of input parameter... (read more)


Difficulty: Beginner