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Large sets of raw data can sometimes be a real headache when it comes to analysis and often it's better to break up a large file into lots of smaller ones (e.g. one for each data column). The 'raw_dat... (read more)


Difficulty: Intermediate


The matplotlib scatterplot function allows you to incorporate another dimension to your plots in the form of a graded colour scale. This can be really useful sometimes and your plots will look awesome... (read more)


Difficulty: Intermediate

Live Fast, Diode Young

If you're a cell maker then you will be very familiar with current-voltage (IV) data. This mission gets you to extract the important parameters - short circuit current (Jsc), open circuit v... (read more)


Difficulty: Intermediate

... And the Rest Is Histograms

Making solar cells is addictive. If you're a device maker then the chances are you're going to make a lot of cells (hundreds, possibly thousands) and it might be useful to make a histogram of your cel... (read more)


Difficulty: Intermediate