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Identifying performance killing defects in thin film solar cells

Thin film solar cells are a 2nd generation photovoltaic technology capable of producing equivalent performance to standard silicon based solar cells but at a greatly reduced cost. Unlike silicon fabrication, thin films are produced using rapid deposition techniques. This minimises ...
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doping strategies for next generation CdTe solar cells

Over the last 6 years, CdTe photovoltaics (PV) have enjoyed a steady performance improvement after remaining relatively stagnant for the previous 10 years. These improvements have largely been pushed by one company, First Solar Inc, who have successfully commercialised the ...
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Inverted designs for CdTe solar cells

Polycrystalline thin-film CdTe solar cells are a mass-market product, have now achieved >22% solar conversion efficiency and are the lowest cost-per-watt technology, being cost competitive with fossil fuels. Despite this achievement they still fall far below their >30% efficient potential ...
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