Will Thin-Film PV ever replace Si?

Podcast by | Olivia Ashton | Tom Baines | Thomas Fiducia |

Olivia, Tom B and Tom F discuss the difference between conventional Si based photovoltaics technologies and new thin film solar cells.

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How Does a Solar Cell Work?

Podcast by | Giulio Mazzotta | Elizabeth Parrott |

Beth and Giulio from Oxford University give a great introduction on how solar cells convert sunlight directly into electricity.

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Podcast by | Heather Goodwin | Konstantinos Tsevas | Lucy Whalley |

Lucy, Kostas and Heather discuss the pros and cons of Li-Fi

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UK Renewable Energy Policy

Podcast by | Claire Greenland | Jack Swallow | Lewis Wright |

'Fidel Podcastro' the CDT-PV podcast supergroup discuss the current status of UK Renewable Energy Policy

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Stability of Novel Solar Cells

Podcast by | Juliane Borchert | Thomas Fiducia | Alexander Smith |

Juliane, Chris and Tom discuss the key factors that affect the stability of perovskite solar cells and how these problems have been overcome in other technologies (Includes outtakes!)

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Unusual Applications of Solar Cells

Podcast by | Francesco Bastianini | Thomas Featherstone |

The first podcast outing from "The Renewables" team. Evan, Tom and Francesco discuss some cool and unusual uses for soalr

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What Does BREXIT Mean for Solar in the UK?

Podcast by | Rachael Greenhalgh | Josh Macdonald | Christopher Morris-Knox |

The Eurkea team discuss what the implications of BREXIT might mean for Solar Energy in the UK.

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