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Energy Materials for a Low Carbon Future: Insights for the next Decade

Article by Leonardo Buizza, University of Oxford

The venue of the Royal Society, just off Pall Mall in central London, was just as impressive as the list of speakers gathered to discuss technologies ranging from solid-state batteries through to thin-film perovskite tandem solar cells. Having run for several years as a meeting hosted by the University of Bath, the ‘Energy Materials for a Low Carbon Future’ meeting won a co ... (read more)

Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Photovoltaics: How Does It All Fit Together?

Article by Leonardo Buizza, University of Oxford

We often hear about how climate change is causing irreversible damage to global ecosystems, how new power plants are opened across India, or about how a new technology will save the world. These stories are full of numbers, bold claims, and a lack of understanding of the bigger picture. This blog post aims to start from the biggest picture, that of global climate change, and ... (read more)

Top ten tips for science outreach (in schools)

Article by Lucy Whalley, University of Bath

This article was originally published on the CDT-PV IoP Guest Blog.

Before starting my PhD with CDT-PV I worked as a primary school mathematics teacher. I was lucky to work every day alongside people (i.e. the students) who are enthusia ... (read more)

Fancy a PhD?

Article by Heather Goodwin, University of Cambridge

This article was originally published on the CDT-PV IoP Guest Blog.

With PhD application season in full swing, Heather Goodwin, compiles her advice for finding the right PhD and what to watch out for when starting one.

Speak to the supervis ... (read more)

Bath Abbey Solar Viability

Article by James Cave, University of Bath

Last March, I and the rest of cohort 1 had the pleasure of exploring Bath Abbey and even visiting the rooftop. As well as enjoying spectacular views, we had another task; we were to appraise the possibility of installing solar panels on the Abbey roof!

At first, I admit I was sceptical. Solar panels on the Abbey? Imagine! Except we didn't have to imagine, we could ... (read more)

Ferried Accross the Mersey

Article by Alexander Smith, University of Bath

Five hours hopping on and off trains whilst attempting to read Anna Karenina was how I spent my journey back from the first of the CDT modules. Liverpool is a long way from home. I was asked to write a blog which explained why I wanted to do a PhD and what my expectations were of the CDT. This was a very difficult task that even the Hemmingway method couldn’t quite complete ... (read more)

PSCO, Lausanne | A heavyweight perovskite conference

Article by Mike Stringer, University of Sheffield

It’s been a little over a year since I started my CDT PhD with New and Sustainable Photovoltaics, the intense CDT modules seem to have flown by, and whilst I am relieved that I am now purely focused on my own research; I feel privileged to have been part of CDT cohort 1. The quality and breadth of content delivered by the CDT's core-level training modules has been outstanding, ... (read more)

On the train again

Article by Elizabeth Parrott, University of Oxford

A quick estimate makes me realise I've managed to spend about 30 hours sat on a train on my way to various CDT courses this year. I'm on a train again now, but for once I'm not off to the next university on the list for the latest training course, I'm just going on holiday (though I'm hoping for some solar related activities of a different nature). So was it worth it? Well it's ... (read more)

CDTPV website V2.0!

Article by . ., University of Liverpool

The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in New and Sustainable Energy (CDT-PV) is about to celebrate its first birthday and we are looking forward to welcoming our second cohort of PhD students who will be arriving at their host institutions imminently. This time last year, as we were putting together our first core-level training module at Liverpool, I was furiously learning ... (read more)