Ultrathin hybrid photovoltaics

Giacomo Piana, University of Southampton

Microstructure and functionality in thin film solar cells from sustainable materials

Peter Yates, University of Liverpool

The project is to use state of the art electron microscopy alongside the synthesis effort in order to accelerate the ...... (read more)

1) Perovskite photovoltaic devices 2) Back Contact PSCs

Mike Stringer, University of Sheffield

1) A focus on new perovskite precursors, charge transport layers and encapsulations methods to simultaneously improve efficiency and stability of ...... (read more)

Photophysics of organometal halide perovskite materials for next-generation solar cells

Elizabeth Parrott, University of Oxford

Increasing world needs for electrical power have intensified research into materials suitable for cheap and efficient solar cells. Solution-processed semiconductors ...... (read more)

New heterostructures for perovskite solar cells and investigation of the stability of methylammonium lead iodide layers

Silvia Mariotti, University of Liverpool

The project is to establish the band line ups for perovskite materials in combination with II-VI semiconductors and transparent conducting ...... (read more)

Carbon based electrode technologies for novel solar cells

Giulio Mazzotta, University of Oxford

Over recent years several innovations have been introduced in order to move from a conventional silicon based photovoltaics to new ...... (read more)