An in-situ SEM study of hybrid perovskite materials during annealing and under applied bias

The next generation of thin film solution processed perovskite photovoltaic devices could potentially reduce the financial and energy cost associated with solar cell production, whilst maintaining high performance. This would help meet the global need for clean, inexpensive electricity generation. Therefore, in order to permit the fabrication of such devices to be realised on large area substrates a detailed understanding of the annealing process required to crystallize the materials is needed. It is also desirable to extend the lifetime of devices made from this group of solar cell materials. To help achieve this aim a deeper knowledge of the processes occurring within the materials under operation would be beneficial. The project will primarily be focussed on SEM based research in Sheffield, however applications for x-ray beamtime to enable complimentary experiments based at Diamond Light Source will also be made.

Adam Urwick

Cohort 5