Combinatorial TCO physics and optimization for photovoltaics

Transparent Conducting Oxides (TCOs) are common to almost all current and emerging solar cell technologies and there is still a huge scope for investigation of novel doping routes to find opto-electronically superior TCO films that can boost solar cell efficiency. This project will focus on the development of rapid fabrication and characterisation strategies that can quickly identify and optimize novel dopants for TCOs. Successful strategies will be used to generate films that can be incorporated into existing solar cell device platforms at Liverpool in an effort to increase solar conversion efficiencies. Significant emphasis will also be placed on developing a deeper fundamental analysis of the opto-electronic behaviour and transport phenomena in TCO materials. The project will incorporate a "mini-project" in partnership with SemiMetrics Ltd to develop advanced electrical characterisation equipment for semiconductor thin-films.

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Thomas Featherstone

Cohort 3