CDT Showcase Event 2021

Aug 31 - Sep 02 2021

Sheffield, Halifax Hall

Event Programme

This two and a half day event held at Halifax Hall in Sheffield was jointly organised by a small group of the CDT students alongside the CDT management team. It provided the CDT members with the first opportunity in over 18 months to get together in person and present and/or listen to research talks, engage in a lively panel debate, participate in training activities and have fun during some social events. The training activities were on effective data presentation led by Andrew Pemberton from Furthr and writing for non-experts delivered by David Strahan from David Strahan Consulting Ltd. The social activities included participating in an Escape Room challenge and a Showcase Dinner. The panel debate chaired by Leonardo Buizza including : Ken Durose, Alan Dunbar, Tasmiat Rahman and Alison Walker, covered topics such as 'What materials, devices and systems are on the up and down in energy and PV?', 'Should we always be aiming to bring together interdisciplinary teams' and 'What impact has the creation UKRI had on researchers?'. The research talks on a wide range of PV relevant topics were given by Jacob Leaver, Leonardo Buizza, Dr Claire Greenland, Bernd Studza, Matthew Smiles, Daniel Sowood, Dr Jenny Clark, Kaya Davies-Brechley, Luke Thomas, Matthew Pilot and Dr Tom Baines.