Solar Energy in Literature and Culture

Nov 04 2015, 14:30

Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy

SPECIAL GUEST LECTURE | Greg Lynall, Dept. of English

What roles have literature, art and popular culture played in imagining, reflecting and mythologizing the possibilities of solar energy? What stories have been told about solar power, and how have these narratives shaped developments in science, culture and technology? In this lecture, Greg Lynall (Department of English, University of Liverpool) outlines some of the themes in his current research project ‘Imagining Solar Energy’, which explores the history of solar energy capture through works of literature and art from the Renaissance to the present day. This talk will bring to light how the possibility of harnessing solar radiance technologically has inspired writers, artists, scientists and engineers alike to create, discover and invent.

Nibbles, tea, coffee and biscuits will be available both before and after this lecture.

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