Design, Fabrication and Characterisation for High Performance

Module Summary

University of Bath

Mar 04 - Mar 14 2019


In this module you will receive training in electro-chemistry characterisation, electronic structure, Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations, materials characterisation for organic photovoltaic cells and fabrication methods for transparent coated oxides and thin film solar cells. There will be a visit to Bath Abbey at 10 am Weds 7 March, including a trip to the roof weather permitting, to discuss solar cell installation possibilities.

You will be based in room EB0.5 near bus turnaround for all sessions except electro-chemistry characterisation experiments, fabrication for transparent coated oxides and the lab tour on spectroscopy of organic devices.

On the social side there will be an interCDT pub quiz during the module. Please complete the doodle poll for this event.
The CDT-PV Bath module dinner also be held in central Bath.

For any enquiries email me, Alison Walker, or get advice from the Bath CDT-PV students using Slack.

Prof. Alison Walker

(Module Leader)