James Kingsley


James is a co-founder and managing director of Ossila, with over 12 yearsā€™ experience in organic electronics. Since starting to work with organic photovoltaics in 2008, he has produced high-performance devices as part of several high-profile projects, including the EPSRC Nanotechnology Grand Challenge. It was this work ā€“ undertaken to increase the fabrication throughput of organic photovoltaics to better optimise devices ā€“ that led to the formation of Ossila, enabling others to benefit from the same processes and equipment for their work. The same ethos still guides Ossila, with its aim to speed up the pace of scientific discovery. His personal areas of research interest include new materials for solution-processable photovoltaics and hybrid organic-inorganic devices. However, with a PhD in quantum mechanics/nanotech, James also has a keen interest in developing a wide array of innovative laboratory and test equipment across the field of materials science to help scientists and engineers conduct research in faster and smarter ways.

My Students