Dan Credgington

Dan Credgington received his PhD from UCL in 2010, where he worked on nano-scale patterning and characterisation of conjugated organic molecules. He subsequently joined Imperial College London as a post-doc working on methods to measure the impact of recombination on the performance of organic solar cells, and the link between morphology and device function. In 2012, he joined the Cavendish Optoelectronics group, in collaboration with the commercial OLED developer CDT. In 2014 he took up a Royal Society University Research Fellowship focussing on understanding the behaviour of excitons within modern organic LEDs, and how they can be controlled. Within the wider Optoelectronics group his interests encompass organic and hybrid heterojunction solar cells and new electrode materials for organic devices. He is the Energy Materials theme coordinator for the Cambridge NanoDTC, a Cambridge Nanoforum fellow and an Official Fellow and College Lecturer at Emmanuel College.

My Students